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WebMail Notifier


Statusbar Icon

When you install WebMail Notifier.
You can see WebMail Notifier icon in statusbar.
If you have no new mails, this icon is grey. When you have new mails, the icon will turn to yellow and will show the mail count.

  • left click : open accounts which have new mails
      ※ If you have only one account, this will open the account whether it has new mail or not
  • middle click (shift + left click) : check mails now
  • right click : show popup menu
  • alt + left click : open all
      For exmaple, if you have two gmail accounts and one yahoo mail accounts, default gmail account and yahoo mail account will be open.

Toolbar button

WebMail Notifier has toolbar button.
You can set it from the firefox menu.

    View -> Toolbars -> Customize...

Toobar button works same as the statusbar icon.