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WebMail Notifier


WebMail Notifier window

From popup menu, you can open WebMail Notifier window.
You can make this window open when firefox starts.

    Options -> General -> Interface -> Open WebMail Notifier window when Firefox starts

In this window, you can see labels(for gmail) and folders(for other webmails).

  • click account : open mail
  • click mail count : check mail now
  • click label/folder : open the label/folder
      ※ Currently, this works in gmail and hotmail.
  • Open(left click) : open accounts which have new mails(same as left clicking icon)
  • Open(right click, middle click or shift+left click) : open new firefox window
  • Check now : check all mails now
  • Options : Open Options window

WebMail Notifier sidebar

WebMail Notifier supports sidebar. You can open this from the firefox menu.

    View -> Sidebar -> WebMail Notifier

Or press 'Shift+Ctrl+M'. WebMail Notifier sidebar works same as WebMail Notifier window.